Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Trail of Dreams: Undocumented students march from Miami to DC for immigration reform

I am really impressed by the four students who started the Trail of Dreams march, headed from Miami to Washington to promote legislation offering undocumented high school students who wish to pursue college or military service a path to citizenship. The group is blogging, tweeting, and attracting all kinds of press along the way. They'll be in Atlanta this weekend, and I hope to be able to meet them.

Along the way, they've met the KKK. Seriously, I didn't realize the KKK still exists, but Nahunta has more than 200 active members! Way to fail Georgia.


  1. Were you able to meet them? I wouldn't mind reading a follow-up if you did get a chance to march with them or even talk to them.

  2. I was not able to make it out. However, a friend of mine has been very involved with the group / issue and I'll ask if she can do a guest post on her experiences.


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