Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Long Live McQueen"

Today news broke on the death of Alexander McQueen. He was an innovative and brilliant designer and creator of some of the most beautiful wearable art. Not a season goes by that I am not coveting his newest creation. He is my own personal idol and I will be mourning this loss.

While I could gush about the brilliance of his work and discuss the supposed circumstances around his death, I think I will just leave it to the journalists. See links below for a sampling of already published articles and tributes:


  1. I always knew who McQueen was, but had never really loked at his work as a whole. It is astoundingly beautiful and unlike anything other designers have done. The more I read, the more I regret not knowing more while he was alive. I recommend the gorgeous photos and videos in jezebel's tribute to learn more about him.

  2. Here is a good slideshow of some of his more notable creations:
    Frankly, I found McQueen's work to be misogynistic at times (as some of the pieces in that collection illustrate), although no less brilliant or visionary for that. He has been a huge innovator in the fashion world, and certainly could have had 40 more years of influence ahead of him.

  3. That's a great link to see some of his work. Thanks! Funny, I think that none of his work was ever misogynistic; on the contrary, he seemed to always show women as strong/tough yet beautiful forms. But, no matter everyone's opinion, like you said, he was brilliant.

  4. Here's a reference about misogyny in McQueen's shows. The writer's not sure what to think either.


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