Monday, February 1, 2010

Fashion Trends and Must Haves for Spring/ Summer 2010

Despite the return of the frigid cold, spring will be here soon, which brings with it a whole new retail scene and excitement about summer’s must have clothing and accessories. So let me outline for you the biggest trends for Spring/Summer 2010. To be as brief as possible, I have grouped the more major looks into two groups, the feminine and the youth looks.

Minimalist femininity:

This look is anchored on layering, cowling and tiers of lightweight fabrics. Add in a dash of boudoir, military, grunge or Elizabethan details and make the look all your own (and a little younger). Emphasis on the shoulders continues, but in volume rather than embellishments. Leg of mutton sleeves or cowled draping at the shoulder draw the eyes up and broaden your silhouette.

If you don’t want to look like a linebacker, you can opt for the same pleating, gathering, draping and ruffling at the neckline, or really anywhere else you want, while still following the trend. Sheer soft, oversized tank tops or silky tee shirt dresses capture the essence of this trend in a more casual manner. Trousers take on a stove-pipe leg and high, synched/ pleated “paper bag” waistline. Shorts are also voluminous, and a little longer, in a bloomer silhouette. Blouson, Ruffled, dirndls, ruched, wrapped ballet and handkerchief skirts all make a come back as well as bloomer shorts for those hot summer days.

A big change beginning this season is the early transition away from shoulder emphasis towards the hip. This look has already begun in the more high end or fashion forward brands with exaggerated hip details we haven’t seen on the masses since the days of the pannier. It's also taken hold in a more wearable manner among the trendy youth who shop at H&M, topshop and forever21 very quickly.

Hipster youth:

It might be an over generalization to say “this is the new hipster look,” but to me, “hipster” is a statement of the casual dressing and eclecticism that youth embrace. Part of this is how they cling to the past, often a past they were too young to remember or weren’t even around to experience. If the rumors of a Soundgarden reunion are of any indication, grunge is undergoing a revival. Pre-torn and bleached jeans are back on the market to be worn over leggings or a second pair of distressed denim ala Kurt Cobain. Plaid and flannel, although updated, remain a classic pairing to aged jeans. Other 90’s era looks are back with a vengeance as well. Crop tops over bandeau bras, large sports logos plastered over novelty sweatshirts, status gold accessories, 90210 ditzy floral dresses and skin tight evening wear. For those who wont relinquish their skinny jeans and leggings, these are all updated with a “scuba” style detail of angular contour seaming. Shorts also have taken up this sporty aesthetic in bicycle-short lengths or panty shaped hot pants. Outer wear tends to either the torn sleeveless denim biker vest or ultra casual track jackets.

Other Key Trends to Watch:

Outside, or intermingled with these core trends are colorful, psychedelic splatter prints and sexy boudoir pieces. The corset and bustier tops are set to be a huge hit this summer and easily fit into either category. Cutout shapes are also a category-crossing trend, as is one shoulder tops and dresses and sheer materials. And whichever way you choose to go, feminine or hipster, the key to both looks is layering fitted or spandex, with oversized pieces.


There are again two main stories when it comes to color. Either go vibrant with heavily saturated cobalts, yellows, greens and fuchsias, or go serene with white, nudes, blush tones and tinted grey tones. With the 90’s comeback we are also sure to see candy color pastels incorporated into both trend tracks.

Spring/Summer Must Haves:
Torn jeans
Bustier/ corset top
Blouson jacket
One shoulder dress
Bicycle shorts
Bloomer shorts
Military jacket
White silk Tee shirt dress

Last Years Keeps:
Boyfriend blazer
Leather biker jacket
Anything with exposed zippers
Lace embellished items
Sheer tops
Maxi Dress
Layered ruffled skirts
2-in-1 dresses
Tops with shoulder volume
Harem/ drop crotch pants

Okay folks, that's it for your spring/summer women's apparel trends. Check back soon for your spring/summer accessories trends.

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  1. That illustration is GORGEOUS!! If only those paper-bag pants wouldn't look like an actual grocery bag on me....


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