Monday, February 1, 2010

Open Commenting is here!

We've been hoping to hear more from our readers, but we know the sign-in-required comment system was getting in the way. Today, we open it up so that anyone can comment. Nonetheless, we hope you'll create a consistent username so other commenters can get to know you.  We want to hear your thoughts, so please even go back to old posts if you have something to add!
In order for open commenting to work, we need to keep the tone collaborative and respectful. Things come out sounding harsher on the internet than you intended, so it's better to err on the side of extra-nice. Lifehacker has some good guidelines to internet commenting.  Your comment will be deleted if you use profanity, engage in personal attacks, or traffic in hate or bigotry.  Moreover, if you want to write "[] sucks!" or any synonym for that, save it.  For the first few days, while we pilot the new system, every comment will be moderated before being posted.  After that, your comments should go back to appearing immediately (except on very old posts).
Thank you so much for reading.  Let's start the conversation!

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Commenting is now open, but we'd love it if you chose one username so other commenters can get to know you. To do this, select "Name/URL" in the "Comment as" drop down. Put the name you'd like others to see; the URL is optional.

Any profanity, bigotry, or synonyms for "[ ] sucks!" will be deleted. We welcome criticism as long as you're making a point!