Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger Woods Is Sorry Y’all. Elin Woods Says Prove It. I’m Incredulous.

Tiger Woods read an 11 minute heartfelt and at times angry and chastising apology to the world this morning. I’m a little over this whole mess. I can’t imagine what this man was thinking as he was cheating with more than a dozen women. Don’t we all know by now that TMZ, The National Enquirer, or real news is relentless until they expose you for the lying, cheating jackass you are?!!! In my opinion, the statement was worthless. He admitted to feeling a sense of entitlement because of his success and riches. He claims that his straying away from the Buddhist teachings his mother instilled in him since he was a child led to his engorged sense of ego, selfishness, and eventual fall. He apologized to the fans and the kids that considered him a role model. All of which would have seemed more sincere if he hadn’t had to pause and look down at his script so often, but I guess with such a long list to make amends for, it really couldn’t and shouldn’t have been an off the cuff statement.

Tiger berated the media for wrongfully accusing Elin of attacking him on Thanksgiving and insisted that she did not hurt him and that there has never been any instance of domestic violence in their home ever. He also angrily scolded the media for following his 2 year old and leaking the address of her school. I appreciate that he has the right to defend his family. And certainly the media needs to learn to leave innocent, defenseless children out of the mix of these affairs, but his anger was his most convincing emotion and I’m not sure that should have been his main message today. Tiger confessed that he has spend 45 days at a facility seeking treatment and recovery and will return because he has a long way to go. I certainly agree. He said that Elin told him that words are not the apology she is interested in, but is more concerned with his actions. He commented that the status of his marriage would remain between him and his wife; however, I don’t believe he was wearing a wedding band and Elin was not present at the statement. So, the status doesn’t seem so good. Tiger also stated that he is not certain when he will return to golf, though he has not ruled out that it may be sometime this year. I don’t know, I was never really a big Tiger fan to begin with, but this whole mess makes it impossible for me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Though I did forgive Bill, so who knows…can we forgive Tiger?

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  1. I have to say, I hope we, one day hear from Ellin herself. I KNOW her pain. I know that there are many of us that understand this kind of pain, but to speak out is very difficult. She may be the one to break the silence.
    My husband lived a secret life for 2 years. No matter the state of affairs in their marriage, and this is none of our business, The shock of living a lie matched with the pain, can literally kill a person. I am positive she is suffering PTSD. My husband owning a company and having a social status only allowed for so much personal grieving. However because I couldnt move, couldnt sleep, couldnt eat, someone had to take care of a broken heart and family. He did the right thing....for he time being. But that life called him back. He is a sex addict. the repair of a marriage and of a person, not to mention the soul is not going to happen in a matter of months. this trauma will continue in their lives for years. I hate to see stories related to her state of mind, her reaction, her participation in his life and career. It is incredibly personal, and most can never know or understand, thank God.
    I hope for her, she is able to "wake up" as most of us that find we have lived a lie have to some day. Wake from the slumber, and we do forgive, and we do move on, and most of us find that the person that lived the lie..... they dont move on with us. I hope the best for you Ellin, for you and your children... its a hard road, but I promise, you will make it to the other side.
    take care of you...dont worry about him or his career, kick him out and let him back in as much as you want... dont worry about him ..where he goes or with whom. he is facing shame and knows the worlds eyes are on him. he is no longer respected. He will have his own journey and much to process, but as for you, We dont need to see you support, or not. It is a very personal and painful time.


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