Monday, February 8, 2010

Superbowl wrap up--Go Saints!

Now that was a Superbowl.  Four lead changes, an underdog comeback (from the biggest deficit ever to be surmounted in Superbowl history), an onside kick, two-point conversion and controversial call, and finally an interception against the thought-to-be infallible arm of Peyton Manning. has the goods on all the Superbowl records broken last night.  What a game!  ESPN has an interesting piece about the calculated risks the Saints' coach Sean Payton took last night.  To me, this is the right story to be going after this morning.  As touching as Drew Brees's injury recovery and adoption of New Orleans (and vice versa) is, from where I was sitting, it looked like coaching, and not any star players, won this game.  Payton made the right call, every time, even when he went for it on the fourth down (instead of taking an easy three points) and they couldn't deliver.  They still had a good enough chance that it made sense to try.  Brees was dead accurate short, but seemed to me to make some strange calls, and the defense was hot and cold--amazing one minute, letting the Colts walk down the field the next.  This was Payton's win.

But enough about that.  Gawker's got the rundown on everything not football related, EW's Michael Slezak breaks down the best and worst commercials, and elsewhere on EW they have the inside scoop on how that crazy David Letterman/Oprah/Jay Leno ad came to be.  Ken Tucker also looks at the Pam/Tim Tebow ads, which turned out to be not so much controversial as they were misleading (more on this to come).  Elsewhere, Jezebel offers their take on the night's decidedly unprogressive, male ego stroking ads.

My favorites were the google love story and the green police.  You?

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  1. Still not a Saints fan, but I can give them a "Who dat!" for their efforts last night. They played a great game.

    Google made me swoon. I am switching to Chrome ASAP!


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