Friday, February 26, 2010

Femonomics reads the internet so you don't have to: Chemicals and autism, David Patterson, wrongly accused, and more

Nicholas Kristof has an interesting piece today on the possible chemical roots of autism. It's interesting to see the broad environmental factors theory go mainstream at the same time as the vaccine hypothesis has been discredited, and time magazine is implying Jenny McCarthy is a little nuts. Also in the NYTimes, the internet may help boost TV ratings (as opposed to pirating music, which still doesn't increase record sales), and naps are nice.

And in other New York news, the dirt on David Paterson really is that bad this time. Apparently his administration tried to intimidate a woman pressing domestic violence charges against a staffer? Including a personal call from the governor. Gawker thinks the end is near.

Speaking of domestic violence, does anyone else wish Chris Brown would shut the eff up? No, Chris, beating someone to a bloody pulp is not a "hiccup," and we don't all know you're a "good person" underneath. Also, we don't want to talk about your music. We want to talk about why you're not in jail.

EW's Owen Gleiberman has a blurb on Johnny Depp taking up the case of three (possibly wrongly) convicted killers. I hate miscarriages of justice in any form, but, much like John Grisham's Innocent Man, I'm troubled that the only time we can get riled up around shoddy legal work are in the (very few) instances where the accused are white. That's not to say this case needs any less attention, but believe me, there are plenty of cases of black men imprisoned or on death row for crimes they did not commit. Do we not find them as photogenic?

In other totally random news, two really cool tools that let you see changing demographics in interesting ways. This generational look from Pew, and a real-time update from worldometers (are they trying to go political with the abortion stats, though?). And I know it's only the wee hours of recipe Friday, but I was browsing the food blogs today, and came across these two neat-o things: 1) vegetarian Greek recipes for Greek Orthodox fasting and 2) a yummy looking pull-apart bread shaped like grapes.

[hat tips BB and ebert]

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