Friday, February 5, 2010

Femonomics reads the internet so you don't have to

It turns out, the government could be storing your baby's DNA.  Without asking you.  Apparently most hospitals are required to do routine genetic testing (for certain treatable conditions) on all babies, and then they keep the samples.  Kinda makes the case for home birth, doesn't it?

I am not big on the whole "let's make fun of Republicans" thing, because I don't think it solves anything.  The Daily Kos has no such inhibitions.  They present a poll (done by them) of what self-identified Republicans think on a variety of things.  There are some scary things in there, like the 34% who say they believe birth control is abortion (which they think is murder, and they believe in the death penalty...), but you have to wonder how much of this is simple misinformation.  I'd like to see a breakdown by socioeconomic status and education.  538 breaks down the poll by age, gender, race, and region and finds very few differences, but he doesn't look at socioeconomic status or education.

The NYTimes has a neat Q&A about the coming of 3D TV.  Apparently, your existing set could show 3D, but that wouldn't get you to spend any money, so the companies have a $5000 solution for you instead.  For now, I'll stick with my $18 movie ticket twice a year.

Apparently being a man driving a hot car makes you hotter, but being a woman driving a hot car doesn't matter.  I'm wondering if the problem here is that they tested this with people of average attractiveness?  I know a lot of guys who get bowled over by an already hot woman in a killer ride.

And finally, in DADT (don't ask, don't tell) news, Colin Powell has come out in favor of repealing the policy he helped enact, saying that the culture has changed in the 17 years since the DADT compromise.  Elsewhere, McCain is railing against it, which must be awwwwk-ward for him and Megan, a vocal marriage equality supporter (though I don't know if she's commented specifically on DADT) and Cindy, who recently posed for NoH8.

[Hat tips to Steph and Woodstock]

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