Monday, February 1, 2010

Grammy awards red carpet wrap-up

EW's got the best-and-worst, and 21 (only?) looks for you to rate.  TLo's surprisingly nice for once, and is one of the few people to agree with me about Rihanna's dress being gorge.  People's got some nice pics.  Jezebel thinks the good looks were few and far between (and the bad plentiful), but I find their picks a little odd.  The Fug Girls have the serious head scratchers, of which there were many.

As for the show itself, Colbert's intro was pretty funny; Gaga and Elton John were ridic; I don't know what off-key is, but even I know Taylor Swift was way off key, and looked especially bad next to the amazing Stevie Nicks; Beyonce was cool; but my personal fave was probably Andrea Bocelli and Mary J. Blige (apologize if any of the links are broken when you get there).  Personally, I wish Beyonce or Gaga had won album of the year over Taylor Swift.  It's not that good, is it?  Complete winners here.


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  2. I thought Rihanna's dress was over the top and not at all flattering! Kristen Bell's Star Trek space age dress was...well, it conjured up images of Uhura for me, so enough said.

    I didn't get Pink's need to be practically naked hanging from the rafters and then literally make it rain on people. Did anyone else find that strange?

    I enjoyed Taylor Swift's performance. Fearless is an amazing album and it's really mostly her own work. She's a talented young lady and I am a BIG fan! It kinda makes me sick that she got to perform with the goddess Stevie Nicks though. She got there too fast in my opinion. Which also makes me sad cause I feel like she is peaking way too early. I hope she doesn't Britney out.


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