Sunday, February 7, 2010

If you take a personality-based approach to sports, this is your guide to the superbowl

This Recording has an awesome piece where they break down the different personalities on either side of the Superbowl. They talk about Scott Fujita, who we already told you about, but also Reggie Bush, Haitian players Jonathan Vilma (Saints) and Pierre Garcon (Colts), Austin Collie, Gary Brackett, and Peyton Manning.

Among their insights:
  • Austin Collie took two years off before his (undoubtedly high paid) pro football career for a Morman mission in Argentina.  There's a man who loves God.
  • Jonathan Vilma started a financial planning program for school kids, which he plans to extend to the NFL, because apparently 78% of players are broke within 2 years of retirement.
  • Reggie Bush will be looking for some serious redemption, after winning the Heisman trophy, getting drafted 2nd overall, and then going on absolutely nothing in the NFL.  Except date Kim Kardashian.
  • Gary Bracket walked on to his college team, came to the Colts as a free agent, and still managed to become captain of the team's defense over two other drafted, much higher paid linebackers.  And he lost both his parents and older brother in one tragedy-filled 13 month period.  Just try not to tear up when you read his story.  Says This Recording, "During the Super Bowl, when Gary tackles Reggie Bush, bear in mind that Reggie is being tackled by a man who, unlike Reggie, had nothing handed to him, who’s fought through all kinds of personal tragedy, and has made a fraction of the money."
Go read the whole thing, and then come back and tell me--who are you rooting for now?  (Assuming you had no ingoing loyalties, if the Bears were in the Superbowl, I wouldn't care what kind of personal tragedy and heroism was on the other side, at least not in a football sense)

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  1. My favorite part: "We are told that the city of New Orleans needs this, that the Saints need this, that maybe even Archie Manning needs this. Peyton will not let it happen. Peyton will do everything in his power to deny a city, a team, and his own father a beautifully scripted catharsis. It is not the storybook ending we want. It is sports."



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