Thursday, February 4, 2010

One good reason to root for the Saints

Ms Pearlz N the Hood gave us plenty of reasons why we shouldn't feel obligated to root for the Saints.  But I'll give you one reason to do it anyway: Their adorable, outspoken linebacker Scott Fujita.  Among the acts to his credit [via Jezebel]:
  • Fujita, who is adopted, gently, but clearly, opposed the message of the Pam and Tim Tebow superbowl ad, saying of his biological mother, "I'm just so thankful she had the courage and the support system to be able to carry out the pregnancy.  I wouldn't expect that of everybody."
  • He is a vocal supporter of gay rights, and likes getting in debates with his teammates about it
  • He was adopted by a Japanese father and Caucasian mother, and considers himself culturally Japanese, eating with chopsticks and celebrating traditional festivals.  (Okay, that's not really so much "to his credit," but for some reason I find it adorable).  He also says he draws inspiration from the experience of his Japanese-American family's internment during World War II.
A cutie with a conscience?  Gooooo Saints!

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