Sunday, January 3, 2010

Working out... no gym required

I was going to send this to my boyfriend, because he's headed out for another week on the road, but then I thought, who couldn't use a few ideas for working out without hitting the gym?  I know personally my (currently somewhat nonexistent) workout routine always seems to disintegrate when I'm away from home.  When I worked as a consultant, flying out on a weekly basis, it was the other way around--on the road I had the Westin fitness center, at home it seemed so much easier to just slack off.  So for those of us whose workout has gotten disrupted this holiday season for whatever reason, here are some ideas to get back on equipment needed.

And while you're at it, check out the NYT's piece on how much exercise we really need.  It turns out, no one really knows.  So go easy on yourself if your current fitness routine involves watching the Biggest Loser and taking out the trash... or maybe that's just me. Body Weight Workout Routine for Budget Fitness No Equipment Travel Workout
Play It Fitness on YouTube: No Equipment 30 min in Home Power Workout
Military Fitness: The No-Equipment Workout for Fitness on the Road
Zen Habits: Minimalist Fitness: How to Get in Lean Shape with Little or No Equipment
Virtual Fitness Trainer: Beach and Outdoor Workout: Strong, Sleek, Sexy

NYT Phys Ed: How Little Exercise Can You Get Away With?

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  1. Great post idea! The gyms are so packed right now with newly motivated exercisers that a routine for home just fits the bill.


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