Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Best tech discoveries of '09--what are yours?

I'm a little behind on this, but NYT's David Pogue recently listed his top tech ideas of '09, including a camera that lets the subjects see how they look (right) and a magical feature that does away with ads and banners on any website (ironically something that would be supremely useful for browsing nytimes.com itself).  He also proffered his annual list of what he bought this year, which included a portable receipt scanner, great for anyone who needs to file expense reports (or who currently has a shoebox of receipts sitting in our bedroom--ahem, boyfriend, ahem).  One of my best tech discoveries this year was Papers, a software--only for macs, sorry--that helps you manage and store PDF files (hat tip to George).  It's great for those of us constantly downloading PDFs from the internet, only to lose them on our hardrive and have to download them all over again.  Now if only they would integrate it with a citation manager--because after all, who wants to use separate programs to write their papers versus their bibliographies?

What was your favorite tech discovery this year?  Links please!

NYT: The Pogie Awards for the Year's Best Tech Ideas

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