Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snookered - Kid Kitsch's song du jour

Funnily enough my pool obsession returned almost exactly when I discovered this track. I first heard Dan Deacon when I picked up a copy of Foggy Notions magazine at Barnardo's (A Dublin charity shop) two winters ago that came with a free copy of Kool Drool's Kool Pops vol. 1. It was the best mixtape I had heard in YEARS and after hearing Crystal Cat I fell instantly in love with Mr. Deacon's crazy synthscapey tunes and lo-fi sampling genius. A friend of mine mentioned him when we were bemoaning the state of electronic music today as an example of someone who has managed to stay on point. The start of this track almost sounds like it was made on Bloom (Brian Eno's glorious iPhone app) but that may be the best thing about it. The speech bubbles in the pirate video just add to the awesomeness.

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