Thursday, January 7, 2010

How to fold a T-shirt--Martha style

Not to go all Feminine Mystique on you, but ever since I learned how to do the Martha Stewart T-shirt fold (hat tip to Jake), folding T-shirts has been somewhat of a guilty pleasure for me.  There's just something so...satisfying about sitting in front of the DVR with a big stack of freshly washed T-shirts after a long week, and magically transforming them into a pile of perfect little squares. Actually, since I don't wear that many T-shirts, it's usually the boyfriend's shirts that I fold in front of the tube.  But don’t worry too much—he does the laundry; I just fold it.  That’s our division of labor for two reasons: a) I like to fold and b) I am afraid of the basement.

Anyway, I promise that once you learn this folding technique cum magic trick, you'll find some small satisfaction in this task too.  I like to lay out the shirts in a big stack first and then fold them one after the other.  Illustrated instructions here, or click the photo.

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