Sunday, January 10, 2010

Quel maison!

Kitsune maison is a french label that successfully marries 2 of my great loves: music and fashion. The French outfit launched in 2002 as a record label that put out releases ranging from straight up electro (Boys Noize, Alan Braxe) to the more indie-facing autoKratz and the chilled out croons of Au Revoir Simone. Their sampler albums have been an ipod staple of mine since around 2007 and I recommend you listen to each and every one. I guarantee that all volumes are a perfect DJ-replacement for any house party and even the earliest ones still sound so fresh. From bubbly (and in some cases even folky!) electro pop to dirtier, more expansive electro, you will have your guests moving their feet in no time. In terms of the clothes, the ladies line is a bit prep-tastic for me but I absolutely love the crisp yet soft lines and colours of the men's collection - particularly the Spring/Summer '10 line. Check out the just-shorter-than-bermuda shorts, ankle trousers, wickedly textured waistcoats and slim-cut blazers that scream effortless chic. I'm also coveting the pale aquamarine bow shorts - would that I had the pins to pull them off. They also have a line of cheeky tees - my personal favourite is the LIFE IS BORING stencil in salmon on that gorgeous aquamarine.

The below video showcases both the music and the fashion. I'll be uploading more music from this label soon.

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