Sunday, January 24, 2010

SAG awards red carpet wrap-up

The SAG awards were on a Saturday, so complete dress lists won't be up until tomorrow, but here's the rundown for now.

Rate the dresses at, TLo's got your bitchy critiques, Jezebel has reports from the red carpet, but no best and worst yet, and People apparently works on weekends and has your best dressed list.  More to come, I'm sure.

Lea Michele looked amazing, as did Mariah CareyDrew Barrymore blew it with the hair and makeup.  I love Meryl, whatever she wears (which apparently was Chris March at the Globes!).

Oh, and for a winner's list, check out Dave Karger's blog here.  Also, apparently Brangelina are breaking up for real this time?  That actually makes me sad.

Updates: EW's got their best and worst up, and say Brangelina are not, after all, breaking up. 
Update 2: The Fug Girls have gone to work, as has Jezebel (the good, the bad, and the rest).


  1. I am really surprised at the success of "The Blind Side." I chose not to go see it because it looked like a Lifetime / Sparks snoozefest.

  2. Also, I just went to watch to see Avatar, and thank goodness it isn't sweeping all of the awards. It was so boring I just walked out after about an hour.

  3. Did you see it in 3D? To me the effects totally made it worth it. I'm surprised an action aficionado like yourself wouldn't agree! BTW, saw Up in the Air last night and found it incredibly depressing, but wonderful nonetheless.

  4. I totally agree mongoose6! Avatar was a confused, almost-offensive waste of cinema-space with bajillion plot-holes. I don't think I cared what happened to a single character (except maybe Home Tree). I didn't see it in 3D though...

  5. I didn't see it in 3D, but still it seems like you have to wait a long time for the visual payoff. The action movie is my first cinema love, but that is because it's an emotional trip for me - I am fully engaged in a good action movie, whereas "chick flicks" make me yawn. Directors, make me care about the characters! Also, my standards are for heroes pretty low, but an extremely arrogant disrespectful dolt who won't take no for an answer can't win my sympathy. Watching him just reminded me of super obnoxious dudes in bars, ugh. I know Sam Worthington can do better - he's a totally hot Australian dude!

  6. MONGOOSE! You can't judge this movie at all without seeing it in 3D. Yes, the story was pretty awful and filled with laughable plot holes. But I am not exaggerating at all when I say that the visuals changed what I believed was possible from a movie-going experience. Everyone I was with was completely bowled over by the visual (more like sensory) experience (leaves whipping over your head, ash drifting in front of your eyes, creatures leaping at you from the screen), despite spending plenty of time giggling at plot deficiencies. Try to see the movie in 3D before it's out of theaters--I promise you it's worth it.
    (but Sam Worthington's character did sort of remind me of a dude in a bar...)


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