Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tiger Pays (another insincere apology) to Play.

Can this be over already? I'll admit that I have, like many others, become overly interested in the Tiger Woods scandal. While I can appreciate that the man is a skilled golfer, I tend to root for the underdog. So, I usually end up rooting against Tiger on the course. Despite my indifference towards the man as a golfer, I can't shake my curiosity about Tiger the man, the son, the husband, the father—mainly because it has been thrown in my face by the media everyday for the past several months. In my opinion, Tiger Woods is the ultimate "Two Face". Seriously, once again on Sunday night, Tiger Woods stood before a camera and recited, basically the exact same speech he gave us last month when he took just enough time out of sex addiction rehab to stand before the media and chastise it for being in his and his family's business. Now, that he's decided to play in the Masters in April, I guess he just wanted to remind us in that robotic, stoic, and unconvincing way that he performs so well that he is sorry he let us down.

This time was a little different though—he recited his memorized answers in response to interview questions. That's right—Tiger took his first interview since the accident in November. ESPN's Tom Rinaldi interviewed Woods for five minutes. Just like during the apology issued in February, Tiger seemed annoyed, answering questions with brief and trite answers like, "that's private" or "that's between me and Elin." So, if you're going to grant an interview and then not answer the questions, then what's the point? Well, Rinaldi asked that too: "Why issue a public apology for a private matter?" To which Tiger said that he felt he owed the public an apology because "people thought I was a different person and my actions were not in accordance with that" he admitted to "living a life of a lie." I'm not sure how well the public thought they knew Tiger (how well do you really know any athlete, movie star, or public figure that you idolize?), but if you've heard about the newest mistress to come forward with the "truth" about Tiger, you'd know that the "I'm sorry" robot that Tiger is perpetrating to the media these days could not be the same person that is exchanging scandalously dirty "sexts" with a young stripper. This Tiger Woods scandal is Jekyll & Hyde theater.

I only knew Tiger the golden golfer who celebrated himself a little too much at times on the course, Tiger the endorser, Tiger the man who is good at making money. As Tiger is getting back to all that next month at Augusta National (minus a few endorsements), I just feel like this is another opportunity to get folks back on his side. When asked, Tiger said that he was indeed nervous about the reception of his fans and he hoped he'd hear at least a little applause. I actually wish this could just be a private matter between Tiger Woods, his wife Elin, and his family, but since he keeps putting it out there, I have to say that I'm just not buying it. Maybe as he continues on the road to recovery—he alluded to continuing treatment for whatever it is he is seeking treatment for and "living a "life of amends"—we can find a way to move on and support Tiger the golfer again. I think it really would be something if he could pull a W at the Masters with everything that is going on personally.

So, I don't really mean to dog Tiger Woods. But since it's so in my face, I have developed an opinion. Share yours or any thoughts on how well we really know the celebrities we admire, is it even fair to expect more from Tiger Woods than an average Joe, does he really owe the public an apology or just his wife and family?


  1. Jezebel scrambled the questions and answers from two woods interviews, and you almost can't tell

  2. haha, that's hilarious! Honestly, what was his point?!


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