Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscars part 2: More dresses! More gossip!

I promised there was more to come...

The fashion was in full, frothy-fun mode, with Hollywood not even pretending they're a little like the rest of us this year.  Jezebel's got The Good and The Bad.  Some of these gowns (many of which had too-tight bodices--looking at you, Miley) made me know exactly what Roger Ebert meant by these two tweets:

There were some standouts, though.  I thought Demi Moore looked absolutely amazing, Cameron Diaz was surprisingly magnetic, Elizabeth Banks' structured grey frock was my favorite of the night, and Rachel McAdams looked pretty in watercolors.

And, all five of the best actress nominees blew me away: Meryl Streep in a Chris March suit-dress hybrid; Sandra Bullock in a lovely Marchesa with perfect styling; Gabby Sidibe rocking one of my favorite dresses of the night--a richly colored, godessy Marchesa; Helen Mirren (who has impeccable taste) in sparkly Badgley Mischka; and Carey Mulligan in an unfairly maligned Prada, which I loved for it's youthful, indie feel combined with pure elegance.

As for gossip, Gawker's got videos from the most memorable moments and an amusing post-mortem from their two culture writers.  Jezebel has George Clooney's priceless reaction faces (it was a gag, right?).  The commercials were surprisingly Super-Bowlish, with lots of talked about ads making their debut, including this one for the iPad.  Head over to the LA Times for some more delightful dish, especially coverage of the after-parties, with photos!

In acceptance speech news, I thought Sandra Bullock's was the best of the night, documentary short is worth watching for the mic-grabbing drama, the adapted screenplay award to Precious's Geoffrey Fletcher was obviously a surprise, so was refreshingly unscripted as a result, and Sassafrass humorously quipped that she can tell this adorable couple spend most of their lives in a room editing film and not, you know, talking.

Update: I almost forgot!  Did you know Forest Whitaker directed Hope Floats?  That totally blew my mind.

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