Tuesday, March 2, 2010


After months of cajoling, we have finally convinced a sociologist to join a blog with the syllables "onomics" in its title.  You see, RecoveringEconomist knows all about the dark side, having explored it during her time as an economics undergrad and, later, consultant.  But she's put that behind her and moved on to to graduate school in sociology, a discipline she hopes will help her answer the big questions without losing site of the big picture.  Now she's here to give a real world take on all the nonsense (and non-nonsense) social science research she encounters.  Unfortunately for her sanity, but fortunately for us, her years of indoctrination in gender studies have given her a bit of a hair-trigger when it comes to gender disparities: she sees them everywhere, from a simple phallic-shaped coke bottle to the sorry state of women's wages.  In her spare time, RE is a devoted pet owner who enjoys trying dog training tricks on humans, using the word "peen," and keeping up on the latest celebrity gossip.  Welcome to the team, RecoveringEconomist!

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