Sunday, July 4, 2010

Really Chris Brown, please go away

I really cannot stand Chris Brown.  I have never heard someone get so self-righteous about people criticizing him for beating the crap out of his girlfriend.  I believe the correct emotion is "unbelievably apologetic" or "in therapy."  Now, Queen Latifah is apparently coming to his defense after he gave an emotional performance of Man in the Mirror at the BET awards, saying, "The guy is a young guy and he made a big mistake and he needs to bounce back from that. And he needs an opportunity for a second chance."  But there's more: "He needs to be forgiven. Enough already. We can't keep beating him up. She's [Rihanna] going to grow and he's going to grow and we have to allow them both to do that."  Yeah.  I'll let that language sink in for a minute.  From Renee Martin:
I cannot believe that she said the phrase "We can't keep beating him up," in reference to the public's refusal to continue to support Chris Brown's career. In case the queen forgot, the only one that got beaten up in that relationship was Rihanna.  It is her body that was covered in bruises, when Brown decided that he had the right to lay hands on her in anger.
....No one has to support Chris Brown with their hard earned dollars, no matter how many times he breaks down in tears.  I certainly agree that the recidivism rate is high because we don't allow ex-criminals a chance to earn a living, but Brown has made more than enough money to support himself if he manages it properly and stops living high on the hog.  Furthermore, nothing is stopping him from going out to get a regular 9-5 (you know those shitty jobs that regular Black folk work).  He simply wants to retain his celebrity status because he feels entitled.
Renee is exactly right.  It's not as though people are hounding Chris Brown, refusing to let him into their establishments, or lobbying for him to move out of their neighborhood.  They're simply choosing not to be his fans anymore.  And he resents that.  Once people admired him due to his talent.  He showed a much much less admirable side, and now some people no longer care for him.  And this pisses him off and pisses off his supporters, because your admiration is something he feels entitled to.  Well, I call BS on Brown, and on anyone demanding that we proffer our admiration and praise instead of scorn and approbation. 

And in case you had any doubt about the level of disrespect Brown feels toward women, and how ugly and violently he reacts when they criticize him, check out his colorist attack on Sandra Rose, who called his career dead on her blog:
That's right, when a woman criticizes him and insults his career, his line of attack is to make racist jokes about the color of her skin and her appearance.  Can we please all declare this guy an unrepentant a**hole now?

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