Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jake Pavelka might be the worst person in the world

Seriously, this man makes me feel sympathy for Vienna Girardi.  On the very special taped confrontation episode of The Bachelorette last night, Vienna and Jake hashed out their competing stories of the death of their "love."  I didn't watch the show (but I do read the tabloids!), but my understanding was that everyone really did not like Vienna, and that she was the villain.  That might still very well be true, but if you watch the way Jake speaks to her on camera on last night's show, and then imagine what it would be like to live with him, I can't help taking her side. (Skip to 7:35 for full-on douche.)

(Skip to 1:08, 2:08, 3:40, and 4:20)

He literally says to her "Stop interrupting me!" with murder in his eyes.  Over the course of the interview, you can see him go from controlled sociopath to outright rage, and you get the feeling he's revealed a little more of his true personality than he meant to.  From EW's Michael Slezak:
Jake, for his part, seemed to be channeling Terry O’Quinn in The Stepfather, or Terry O’Quinn as Lost‘s Mr. Smokey. His mouth set in an unwavering line, his eyes boilingeth over with fury, he spoke like a man who had come to a streetfight armed with a half-dozen vague and pre-rehearsed anecdotes, and was shocked to discover his adversary was shooting arrows coated in the poison of “40% truth.” I half-expected the dude to announce to Vienna that “Any further criticism of Jake** will result in your immediate strangulation.” Indeed, other than that winning bon mot about Vienna being “like a tabloid,” Jake came off as relentlessly creepy: The way he addressed all his answers to Chris Harrison (not Vienna), the way he spoke about Vienna like a disappointed boss rather than a scorned lover (how about griping she’d participated in an “unauthorized interview”!?), and the way he chanted the words “undermines,” “emasculates,” and “disrespects” like he’d spent two sleep-deprived weeks in a new-age spa praying that his failed fake TV relationship wouldn’t cost him any awesome future gigs on Drop Dead Diva. By the time he shouted “Be quiet while I’m talking!,” I wondered if Vienna fled the scene in tears because of the harshness of his words, or the eeriness of what was going on behind his eyes.
I don't care how terrible she is--it really bothers me to see someone disrespect another human being the way he disrespects her.  Eeeeesh.

Oh, and in other progressive Bachelorette news, check out this quote from Ty (to Ali): ''I think it's awesome that you have ambitions and goals.... It tickles me to death that you have a plan, that you know what you want.''
From EW's Jennifer Armstrong: "Gee, thanks, Ty. Glad my adorable little ambitions amuse you so."

Also, Bachelor/Bachelorette whiteness update, it appears all the contestants on Ali's season are indeed white!


  1. Richard Lawson sums it up.
    Jake really really creeps me out. He's so insincere and smug and yuck yuck yuck.

  2. I can't feel sorry for Vienna. Anyone who truly believes that they are going to find "true" love on a reality show is just naive. If she seriously thought that he would act the same once the cameras were gone, then she is stupid. Yes... he seems like a complete jerk and at times, quite scary, but she also doesn't seem like the easiest person to deal with. They both should have expected what they got. The sad thing is that this stupid show is going to have another season and another spin off, which means more stupid couples and another "tragedy".

  3. I agree that the whole thing is ridiculous, and I guess I don't feel sorry for Vienna, but I do, I guess, feel for her. I think she's in this to get famous, she made bad decisions, whatever, but I also feel like she is going through some genuine emotion and pain, which he's expressed none of.


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