Thursday, July 8, 2010

Femonomics reads the internet: hot politicians, heart rate, fat camp, LiLo, and cartoon bears

Oh my goodness, there's a male politician who's hot!  Check out his abs!  And his turquoise belt!  Meet Illinois representative Aaron Schock.

Apparently the new show Huge on ABC Family is really amazing!  The main character, played by Nikki Blonsky, is a radical feminist who rails against body propaganda and plasters her walls with "fatspiration" at weight loss camp.

New research says the classic "maximum heartrate" formula, used to determine recommended exercise heartrates (e.g., 65-85% of maximum, calculated by 220 - age), don't work at all for women.  Oh man, how I hate the medical profession's continued jeopardization of women's lives by willy nilly applying research based on male subjects to female care.  Do you remember the renaissance painters who used to draw babies with muscles because all the bodies they could dissect were adult males?  Yeah, it's kinda like that.

To update you on the Wikileaks/Bradley Manning case, Manning has now been charged with mishandling classified information, and is now being held in Kuwait, awaiting an investigation that could lead to a court martial.  Also, there's a nerd war going on over whether Adrian Lamo acted honorably.

So, Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in jail, of which she'll probably serve 23.  One writer, watching the feed for amusement, felt sorry for her when she broke down in tears.  I watched, and don't, because the reason she broke down is that it had never occurred to her she might go to jail for violating her probation.  She's totally shocked when it happens, and is sending incredulous tweets today.  Also, she says her F--- U manicure had "nothing to do with court".  Umm, then do you think maybe you should have had it removed before court?   Please go peacefully into obscurity like Paris Hilton.  I beg you.

I thought these two videos about the iPhone vs the HTC Evo were hilarious.  Maybe you are less nerdy than me, and you will not.  Very NSFW language.  Spoken by cartoon bears.


  1. I heard that at least the first video was made by some guy at Best Buy and he got fired. Did you get that from here?

  2. I love the show HUGE it's amazing. I need to make a post about I'll be back!

  3. Do a guest post for us, Heather!


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