Friday, May 14, 2010

Recipe Fridays: Kitchen grilled vegetables

We subscribe to Food and Wine.  I'm not sure why...probably because I'm semi-delusional about my actual culinary capabilities?  I always forget that the people at Food and Wine have way more time than me to cook, and thus do not need to be concerned whether it's really a pain in the butt to roast that first before mixing it into that, and dirty 7 dishes while doing so.  Thus, this week I attempted a delicious-looking grilled vegetable recipe from F&W.  Small caveat, we live in an apartment.  Grill?  Yeah right.  But never fear.  What you, my friend, need is a grill pan, and all your indoor grill fantasies can come true.  (Do you have these?  No?  Just me?)  I got this high-class one for a Chanukah gift:

Now, what you need is:
1-2 carrots (slice in thin diagonals, trying to maximize surface area)
half-bunch asparagus (break off bottom woody end)
1-2 zucchini (slice same as carrots)
1 red onion (slice in rounds)
Shitake mushrooms (F&W's idea--so delicious!  Brush clean and break or trim off stems)

Mix together olive oil and white vinegar.  Smash or grate in one garlic clove.  Coat all vegetables, then salt and pepper.  (Keep veggies separate, as they will have different cooking times)  Heat your grill pan for at least five minutes over medium-high heat.  Turn heat to high.  For carrots and zucchini: Arrange vegetables in even layer over grill pan.  Do not stir or move.  After 3-5 minutes, check for deep brown grill marks on the bottom of vegetables.  When these appear, turn vegetables over, and again leave in one place until second side is cooked.  For asparagus: Arrange in single layer, but turning will be more of a challenge, and you may need to turn a couple times.  For onions: I broke the slices into individual rings, and just dumped them in (too many for single layer) stirred the whole thing up occasionally--no chance of getting pretty grill marks on these--until they reached a semi-caramelized state.  For mushrooms: same as carrot/zucchini, but will require less time.

You can serve with F&W's suggested walnut dressing, but I tried making this and it just became one big (but delicious) walnut paste.  Maybe try just a nice vinaigrette?  I also adapted one of their serving suggestions to make a lovely barley pilaf accompaniment with cooked barley, cooked adzuki beans, chopped chives and mint, lemon juice and lemon zest, olive oil, and chopped walnuts, thereby creating a complete meal.  Yum.

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