Friday, May 28, 2010

Kendra Wilkinson was coerced into making sex tape

That Kendra Wilkinson sex tape?  Apparently not so consensual.  This is really, really upsetting.  Moreover, it doesn't matter if she's making money from it now or if she "enjoyed it" then.  She didn't want to be filmed, didn't want to participate in some of the sex acts filmed, and didn't want the tape released.  That seems to me like three very unfortunate acts of sexual violation.  It doesn't matter what we call it--it matters that it is NOT OK.


  1. I have no idea who Kendra Wilkinson is, but what can we do? Is there any laws prohibiting it? She took her close off willingly in front of another person, so there is a clear waiver of right to privacy. She wasn't sexually assaulted, so there is no criminal activity there. It is my belief that there should an entirely different set of laws for situations like these. Expecially now that we live in the world or youtube and torrents. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  2. Taking off your clothes in front of another person does not waive your right of privacy - nudity does not equal consent for anything and everything. I'm sure there is enough to at least bring a civil case here.

  3. @ Anon

    Civil case for what? This tape wasn't released against her will. She tried to sell the tape herself in the past, and now she's getting 50% of the profits from the sale by Vivid. She just got her first check for almost 700K.

  4. @DenaiRebecca I actually wasn't thinking of this in terms of legal consequences, I just more wanted to make a statement that I think something very questionable is going on here, and that it's something people should think about before considering viewing this tape. But you're right, our legal system isn't very well set up to handle these gray area cases.
    @Anon2 As I understand it, she wanted to stop the tape from being released, but she couldn't do that, her only option was to claim her share of the royalties. If I'm correct, she didn't have legal recourse to stop the tape from being released, which is the problem.


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