Sunday, April 4, 2010

Kate Harding asks: What exactly did Sandra know about this Nazi stuff?

Kate Harding at Jezebel:
I'm all for giving celebrities their privacy amid salacious gossip and personal turmoil, but since Bullock surely knows all about that photo and the other accusations now, I can't figure out why we haven't heard from her yet. This is not the kind of thing you let slide, even if all you want to do, quite understandably, is hide out and lick your wounds. Perhaps she's just taking her time crafting a blistering statement denouncing James' apparent anti-Semitism, avowing her unfortunate but total ignorance of it and announcing the imminent divorce. But if that's not out by tomorrow? Something's seriously [f*ed] up here. Remaining silent at this point is such an inexplicable career move — questions of human decency aside — I can't quite believe we haven't seen such a statement already. And I really can't believe there aren't more people making noise about it yet.
I think it's a fair question.  Others don't, apparently, so Kate has a new piece at Shapely Prose defending the original article.


  1. Hi,

    I don't mean to be rude, but why are the bloggers here referring to Jezebel so frequently? If I wanted to read Jezebel, I would simply go there.

  2. Thanks for your input--We try to do a good balance of writing original material and providing interesting links from around the web. Jezebel often has insightful and funny writing on feminist issues that we think our readers might want to hear about, even if they *don't* want to have to follow it themselves to find the gems. We'll keep your thoughts in mind, though, and try to make sure we refer to a variety of sites.


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