Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cute animals on the internet

Things have been a little serious over here at femonomics lately, and I want to stay true to my word of mixing the important with the diverting.  In that spirit, let me provide for you one of my favorite diversions of all--cute animal pictures.  One of my friends (Woodstock, who you'll often see hat-tipped here) and I like to email these cuteness-porn-pics back and forth when we're having a rough day.  Just try to stay upset while looking at these guys.  Here's a rundown of where I get my fix.

Damn cool pics: Zoo animals looking adorable, and more! I have iffy feelings on zoo animals, but man they're cute!

The Daily Puppy: Adorable puppies, some of them even up for adoption!  Daily!

Cute overload: this site has lots of pics and videos of animals being really, sickeningly cute.

BabyAnimalz: omigod there are so many baby animals and they are so cute.  Well, except for the reptiles.  But still, more good than bad.

And here are some random cute videos.  How to cuddle an elephant sealGetting your penguin to do your shopping for youA cat who stands up--and is FrenchA gorilla who likes cute kitties, too!

[Hat tips Woodstock and RecoveringEconomist]

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