Monday, June 7, 2010

Red carpet wrap-up: From wacky to tacky at the MTV movie awards

 Just to be clear, I mean neither wacky nor tacky as insults.  It just is what it is, folks, and let's not call it something else.

[Image via TLo]

TLo's got your wrap-up, and they really, really do not like anything.  They say Lindsay looks like a porn star.  Given her silver jumpsuit, I would add, "from the seventies."  EW's equally flummoxed, and thinks Shawn White should have worn a shirt.  Personally, I dig Katy Perry's blue wig, and her personal brand of, "When I was a child I dreamed of being a celebrity and doing whatever the eff I wanted," that she seems to bring to the red carpet time in, time out.  Jezebel is all like, we don't even know where to start.  People is nonplussed.  They've seen it all.

But did you guys see Sandy the other night at the Spike awards (vom)?  She has never looked better.  Including in Speed.

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