Monday, December 6, 2010

Get Informed December 6: 10 News Stories you might have missed

If you get your news from Fox commentary, NYTimes opinion pages, satirical news comedy, or anywhere on, then you might be missing a lot of big important stories! Here's a few I've culled from the back pages of leading news organizations. An informed citizenry may be important for democracy, after all ;-)

  1. Pakistan police officers to be arrested over death of Benazir Bhutto, after destroying the crime scene less than two hours after her murder.
  2. European nations agree on offshore North Sea electric grid to deliver wind power across the continent.
  3. ACLU obtains documents showing the government routinely violates the law in spying on US citizens, although they did not find any evidence that the violation is intentional.
  4. New Meningitis vaccine may end African epidemics - see, not all the news is bad news!
  5. Rising CO2 levels cause ocean acidification, threaten marine life
  6. The Brazilian army is policing Rio de Janeiro slums in the country's first domestic peacekeeping mission.
  7. Lawsuit challenges history-sniffing, a practice where websites build a profile of visitors based on sites they had visited in the past (without permission, naturally).
  8. Renewed violence prompts concern in Central African Republic, threatening the withdrawal of UN peacekeepers from the region and CAR's upcoming election.
  9. State budget cuts put law enforcement on front line of mental care, as clinics that treat the mentally ill close nationwide.
  10. Italian actress-turned-minister is making progress in the fight against sexism in a country of extreme double standards. I wanted to end on a positive note!